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Walleteum is a crypto asset wallet and exchange with quantum virtual credentials .

We are trying to create more transparent relations between civilizations

Token 2st Round - SALE IS LIVE

Token Sale ends in:

1 EUM =0.00011806 BTC

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% target raised
1 EUM = 0.00011806 BTC
What is Walleteum?

What is Walleteum?

The Walleteum is a wallet management system that allows users quickly and easily interact with their coins, while tracking and monitoring diverse assets. Walleteum will allow users to view, send and receive balances of any supported cryptocurrency.

The Walleteum offers users a variety of features not afforded by other wallets, leveraging the unique capabilities of the Walleteum platform. Mobile support is a priority for Walleteum so that consumers can have access to their coins wherever they go.

Crypto Report

$281.5 B

Market Cap

3 seconds

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EUM 1.3 B

EUM Tokens


27th June, 2018
Idea and Research
Start with an Idea
27th May, 2018
Idea and Research
choose a name with “Walleteum” and register domain and make a business plan
27th July, 2019
Design and Development
Establish EUM on ERC-20 blockchain - Built Prototype
5th June, 2019
Design and Development
Web App concept - Support mainstream tokens management (BTC ,Dash ,LTC , XLM )
30th November, 2019
Setup and Implementation
token comes into the exchanges
19th July, 2020
Setup and Implementation
main net goes live, supports smart contract, side chain project and wallet computing power platform
15th August, 2020
Controlling and Evaluation
Enrich DAPP platform, create application

Our Team Member

Ben Jalilian
CEO and Co-funder
Fafa Bagheri
Ali Farjandi
Chief Financial Officer

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